What we do

Turning Craftsmanship into Business Brilliance.

In the relentless pace of the business realm, Klotz Woodturning remains perpetually ahead of the ever-evolving tide. At our lathe, we turn visions into precision-crafted products – each groove, notch, curve, and minute detail is purposeful, striking a harmonious balance between utility and beauty. 

Our creations are treasures, journeying from the displays and collections of international companies into diverse corners of the globe.

What we do


Crafting Space & Place.

We transform wood into perfectly shaped architectural elements that do more than just fulfill their function. They bridge the gap between space and the individual, melding practical utility with aesthetic magnificence.



Form Meets Function.

Our interior collection showcases the allure and adaptability of wood. Featuring lamps that infuse spaces with light and vitality, to functional elements that blend everyday utility with elegance.



The Art of Everyday.

Wood is a fundamental part of our everyday life.. From whimsical gadgets to practical day-to-day items – we craft products that keep pace with life's rhythm, showcasing our mastery in the art of woodworking.


Commitment to the Environment.

Sustainability isn't just a passing fad for us at Drechslerei Klotz Woodturning; it's a pledge we live by. We prioritize local timber to cut down on transport distances and curb our carbon footprint. Each plank and chip that touches our lathe is selected with deep respect for our planet. We're all about reducing waste – whatever doesn't become part of our creations is transformed into heating power. This is how we close the loop, maintaining a production process that's as eco-friendly as it is efficient.

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