Drechslerei Klotz

Turning Tradition into Vision.

In a world that's always turning, we at Drechslerei Klotz Woodturning turn along, true to our essence. Our lathe stands as a bridge linking the old and the new – melding our heritage in the craft with a keen eye for beauty, practicality as well as with our profound bond with wood, nature's own building block. 

This fusion has garnered global acclaim, allowing our creations to become a part of diverse realities across the world.

Klotz Woodturning

Our Spirit

Wood is our heart's calling. We cherish its genuine nature, perceiving it as far more than a mere medium for crafting. It holds within a vitality, a spirit that we unleash through new shapes and forms. These forms bring spaces to life, imbuing them with wood's inherent vibrancy.

What we do

Our Creed

We're craftsmen and artists dedicated to honing our craft to perfection. Our forte lies in custom-made designs and turning concepts into reality – we materialize your visions. Even when produced in series, each piece retains its distinctiveness, ensuring no detail loses its singularity.


Our Vision

We're rooted in our down-to-earth nature and traditions, yet equally excited by technology and innovation. Handcrafting as the origin, the lathe as its catalyst, robotics as its evolution: a harmonious interplay between human skill and machine precision. Throughout this dance, the hallmark of handcrafted quality remains our unwavering focus.


Our Promise

Our goal and our promise: to showcase wood in all its natural beauty, as flawless and pure as nature itself. This demand for the highest quality is made possible by combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. What emerges is a product embodying both the timeless elegance of tradition and the relevance of the modern era.


Our Milestones

  • 1969

    the beginning

    Josef Klotz begins his remarkable journey into the world of woodturning with the start of his apprenticeship.

  • 1972

    the rising

    After three years of hard work and dedication, Josef Klotz receives his journeyman papers.

  • 1976

    the founding

    A milestone in the company's history: Josef Klotz establishes his own woodturning shop.

  • 1979

    the evolution

    Martina Klotz joins the family business and becomes a pivotal figure in the development of the woodturning shop.

  • 1989

    the mastering

    A year of double success: Josef Klotz receives his master craftsman certificate, and Martina Klotz follows in his esteemed footsteps by also obtaining her master's certificate.

  • 1996

    the youngster

    The next generation steps into the founder's shoes: Martin Klotz begins his apprenticeship in the family business.

  • 2001

    a new beginning

    Martin Klotz demonstrates that talent and dedication run in the family by obtaining his journeyman's certificate.

  • 2009

    the mastering 2.0

    Another outstanding year for the family and business: Martin Klotz not only receives his master craftsman certificate but also the coveted Master Award of the Bavarian State Government (“Meisterpreis der Bayerischen Staatsregierung”).

  • 2021

    a new era

    Martin is now fully ready to step into his parents' shoes and takes over the business.


Commitment to the Environment.

Sustainability isn't just a passing fad for us at Drechslerei Klotz Woodturning; it's a pledge we live by. We prioritize local timber to cut down on transport distances and curb our carbon footprint. Each plank and chip that touches our lathe is selected with deep respect for our planet. We're all about reducing waste – whatever doesn't become part of our creations is transformed into heating power. This is how we close the loop, maintaining a production process that's as eco-friendly as it is efficient.

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